Whats your childhood game

Type how much games you loved when you were younger mine is cs 1.6 and splinter cell and command and concour renegade i forgot about half life


I grew up with my moms work laptop, so i played a ton of Purble Place. Especially the cake minigame.
Then once i was in school i got my own iPad and i played Growtopia all the god damn time. I clocked in like 1000+ hours in 2 years, with basically no afking.
But the economy got progressively more and more broken, and my account was also hacked, and so with all good things i quit after about 3-4 years ish.

If it wasn’t for Growtopia i probably wouldn’t ever have tried Pixel Worlds.

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I played on my dads computer which wasnt ever used and the computer had those games and it was so fun playing them

Used my grandfather’s computer to play MS Paint

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This post was already made first. Here’s the link

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i used to play a game called jumpstart explorers. pretty sure it was available in 2001. also played a lot of Blue’s 123 Activities (1999).

on the other thread i talked about the ps1 games i used to play such as pandemonium! these were the ones i remember most since they are younger memories.

I used to play a lot rpg, fps and sandbox games
This is one of the game I used to play

lemme just write them down…

WorldCraft (Android) okay game, i once made a 3-floor marble mansion in that game once!

(Missing Title) (Android) A game VERY similar to Minecraft. I forgot what it was called and it is no longer available to download from the Play Store.

Clouds & Sheep One of the preinstalled games on my old tablet. It was a great game.

Createrria/Createrria 2 (they’re the same game) A build-your-own-game maker app that allowed you to make games and play other people’s games. It was a great game, however the dev neglected the game and added controversial loot boxes into the game. The game’s servers were shut down sometime last year.

Mine Blocks A Minecraft-like game in 2 dimensions. Used to be a Flash game, is now rewritten following Flash’s EOL. Active community, has a Discord server.

Dancing Line a rhythm game where you control a snake-like line. Game had lots of fans and fan-games were created. Unofficial Discord server shut down. No longer updated due to Cheetah Mobile’s ad scandal, lack of employees and pandemic.

Missing Title (Windows) A board-game-like game where you build cities.

Mmm, Fingers okay hyper-casual game.

Pou okay game but I got bored of it pretty fast.

The Blockheads Minecraft-esque game in 2.5 dimensions. Very great game, and still holds up today.

Various games from Axes In Motion okay driving games. Small map.

Preinstalled Windows games, like Purble Place and Inkball These were chunkfuls of delicious nostalgia.

Sploder dot com similar to Createrria.

Marble Run dot at a 2D marble run creator. I had very fond memories of me playing this on my old Asus laptop.

Old Y8 games. I even played one of PeTA’s Flash games (warning: please don’t play those games)

The level-editor category of games on Armor Games some great, some not-so-much. One of my faves was iZZi.

Hotel Baron hotel management game.

Pix CIty Adventure this game contains a bit of violence, so I won’t be diving into the details of it. Used a lot of royalty-free resources, and has a Discord server (that’s probably shut down)

GameHouse games these were amazing too. but they had time limits so you really had to play them as efficiently as possible

Ah, yes I always play online browser games…
Also a lot games by Gamehouse

Mario kart wii, lol.

Cars (2006), Microsoft Flight simulator X, Ikariam, old Sims games, Roller coaster tycoon 3 (2004) and the online pizza game. Old Wii games of course.

When I was ten, I started playing Kerbal Space Program, Growtopia and some other games.

ahh i remember that one :relieved:

Counter strike, Gta, WoW, Minecraft, Growtopia

Minecraft,Growtopia and Terraria

The game where you play as a funny cube man and you murder innocent villagers in their sleep and kill a interdimensional dragon.


Tetris yes i know my haters thinks im a idiot welp
I am but why i play a smort game welp cuz i do?

There was that one Toy Story game where you had your “city” or stuff in a some sort of canyon or something, and there were like 10 story levels, in each level you collected 10 cards (each of these was unique I think) scattered across the level and some levels had a “special item” hidden that was rare. I think one of the game’s mechanics was switching characters by using TAB.
I remember that one level mostly took part on a train, but there was also a level that took part in space. And there was also a kindergarten level which was special as it had challenges and extra collectables.
There was some sort of currency that you spent on unlocks such as unlocking some sort of car arena or unlocking hidden stuff scattered across your city, but I almost never got to unlock these because I didn’t know the unlock criteria back in the time so I just randomly messed around and one time they just opened for purchase. But I loved the car arena unlock, it was fun collecting (balloons?) or stuff like that. Or completing bonus levels.

It was of course translated to my native language as I didn’t know English at the time. You rarely find games translated to my language now.

The Toy Story game had many sorts of problems with launching back then, so one time I just ditched the game as a whole, especially with how my progress reset and that I couldn’t find “scary clothes” for the people in my city to continue with the questline.
Then I discovered Lego Games, and man, that was a chapter for itself…

Minecraft > Gameboy (Pokemon games) > Roblox > Flappy birds, angry birds, random games > Growtopia

That’s pretty much I can remember, but roblox is the game I’ve wasted for in a gameplay of 2 years. But I never play that game anymore so yes.

i played minecraft, angry birds games that kind of stuff, played 1 month of pixelworlds back in 2017 january when i was like 11-12yo, i played online games alot such as Kogama, i probably played more of those games, just don’t remember them all ;-;

Edit: Oh and online io games like slither.io agar.io and alot more of them

i was addicted to minion rush for like 3 months when i was 8

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