Why am not unbanned?!

Am ask support why am banned, soo am wait 8 days and… NOTHING. Support ignore me. WTF pixel world

Just wait for a response. There’s nothing we can do.
Also of it is 8 days then you probably did something wrong…

what exactly did I do wrong??

They don’t generally tell you, but 8 days is a strange number to ban you for… You could’ve done something wrong. Besides what’s your ban reason?

Pixel world say what am “Hacker”

All say what am get ban for dupped items, but am dont have any duped items

You may’ve had duped bc…

My account worst ± 1,5 million bc, soo.

How long did it take for you to earn all that? And was there some shady things in between?

how was I supposed to understand that things are dupe? or bts dupe

We’ve to just be careful. The most easiest way is to check the account age of somebody. It works 75% of the time.

Hmmm, think 1 month, yea, am farm alot

Did you get donated or just got items somehow in any way?

Get nothing, but my friend in REAL life give me 100k bc.

Because him leave pixel, soo, its legit

I see… That may’ve or may’nt have been the cause. Never trust anybody.

Lol, but its my friend

The most apparent cause is you sold some item, somebody gave you duplicated byte coins instead of real ones, system flagged those byte coins as duped.
The only way out is to wait buddy, we’ve had some bans lifted this week, there’s hope.

@RetNos End of story.

But if me not be unbanned, am donate in game, wtf am spend real money in game, and get ban, sadly

At least 100+ people got banned and considering how slow the support is 8 days isn’t enough.
They’re either gonna respond in a long time or there’s gonna be no response at all.