Yes, I drawn this on Flipnote Studio

I believe the community is already kinda tired of asking for these features, so I uploaded this:

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Perma world bans are too easy exploitable

Permanent global bans exist. They make us believe we “own” our worlds, but we actually do not if we can’t just prohibit troublemakers from going there permanently.

But people may use them for scams and also ban people who wanna speak the truth.

Then why do 1 hour bans exist, huh?

I mean you can make a system to stop certain people enter that world , having a manual perma ban system would be good imo

What system? Afaik there are no “reverse doors” or “reverse locks” that only prohibit certain people from entering.

PERMANENT world ban shouldn’t exist

Okay, then 10 years world ban.

This is literally a permanent ban

Permanent global bans exist. No reason for permanent WORLD bans to not exist too.

Yes there is a reason perma world ban shouldn’t exist ofc

imo perma world bans will be used a lot by scammers, that’s a no

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Soo there is a system like this:

You add the people to the smallock , and they will never be able to enter the world and get thrown out of the world through portal to other worlds. The people who isnt banned (who dont have rights in small lock) can enter the world by going to the upper portal


Oh yeah, that is quite smart. Good way of setting up a banlist… But of course it won’t work on people with the admin panel because they have “ignore auto-portals”.

i used this system for the world TURK to perma ban scammers /illegal traders from world . Why would i ban admins or mods xD

its a well known active hangout world for turkish people

What world does the “you’re banned” portal link to?

I removed the system from turk but the banned portal leaded to the world BANLANDIN666 which is owned by yus , the owner of TURK .

That sucks, so how do you ban people from there?

i just report players if i see them do something ban , and if they are doing something really really bad i just report+ban from world. Reports modt of the time doesnt work coz mods doesnt understand turkish but meh