Z-Force the Helping Clan: Journal 1

Hey guys so this will be a new series but it will rather be in journal form, where I will record the things that have happened here :)))

So I have been in trouble getting members for my clan so I thought to myself, I will convert it into a clan for NEW PLAYERS and help them!

No no I am not exploiting them into donating for my clan, as a matter of fact ill lock the clan totem so they dont have to donate. This is also not a communist clan, the new players have to work for their own byte and stuff (with me giving them advice to help). I am also showing this just so I can gain support and not to show off.

Alright let’s get to it!

Entry 1: "Okay this is harder than expected, for starters, the actual new players are either ignoring me or they don’t speak English. I can tell they are new players by them being unaware of things, 0 days account, and them not saying DONATE

Entry 2: “Alright finally found 2 of them!”

The first one, Consistent, said that his account is 1000+ days old but hes never actually played the game. I have proof he is new because 1.) He doesnt know what a wishing well is and how to use it and 2.) Doesnt know what mining is

(Some proof that he really is kind of new)

(Doesn’t know how wells work)

The next new player JustPlayPixel (he is at the left side of me in the first picture) is also new, he is also unaware of, anything really

Entry 3: “Alright, they are in my clan!”

I also told them to go to the mines and get 2 bronze keys from mine level 1 to kick of their journey to richness!!!
(Picture of me telling them one of their first instructions)

(More proof that he is new)

Entry 4: “Alright they are taking a while, it’s okay because they are new and are not like Zygora the god of mines. While waiting, I am just thinking of seeing them all pro just like seeing your kids grow up XDDDD.”

Entry 5: “Hey Consistent is back, here is our conversation” (ignore the dms to my friend)

Entry 6: “It seems that they will take a while, I will close this journal for now and journal 2 will show what happens next”



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