Account Deletion system

When even Nintendo, the company known to be 10 years behind in online features, has something a modern game doesn’t, you know there is a problem.

How would it work in PW? Well, simple.

On the Account tab, there’d be a very small “Delete Account” button. Upon pressing, it’ll show a window where you have to confirm your password to delete your account. Then, it’ll show you a document with all things that will be deleted. Upon confirming, it will show a loading window stating “Deleting…” and then “Account Deleted”.


why deleting the account tho , just log off and delete game easy solution

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Because you also want all logs/info/stuff deleted from the admin panel? It’s not like that is much to ask for.

isn’t there like a law about requesting info to be deleted in the EU? someone inform me

yeah there is, i think it’s called ‘‘right to be forgotten’’

Yeah, I once contacted support asking what would happen if I submit a GDPR request.

They said that they would only delete my recovery email. Not my PW account, not any logs, not my forum account, ONLY THE EMAIL ADDRESS.

Quote from GDPR articla 17: “…provides that the data subject has the right to request erasure of personal data related to them…”

Definiton of personal data: All data related to an identified or identifiable person are personal data.

In other words, data that can be used to identify a person directly or indirectly, such as by combining an individual data item with some other piece of data that enables identification, are personal data. Persons can be identified by their name, personal identity code or some other specific factor.

So only information that goes under this definition is your E-mail address, thats the only form of identification that is needed to have the account on PW. If there is something in the chat logs that can identify u, fe. u have told your irl information, it’s not Kukouri’s problem 'cos u have given that info with your own consent.

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wow you guys are so smart

At the very least an option to perma ban yourself so someone doesn’t log on to your account after you quit amd causes havoc.

I think it is possible to make your account eternally inaccessible.
You have to do a password change (where a link to change it is sent to your email) where you make the password over 65 characters long. Then you request your email be removed from the account via support. Since the ingame password field only allows up to 65 characters, it is now forever impossible to login to your account.

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isnt it already possible to delete all your data?

Doesn’t that just delete any data that they’ve collected on you instead of disabling your account though?

i dont know what it deletes, but i surely dont want to try

The text above it reads ‘I do not want a personalized game experience. I want to opt out of data collection and delete all of my historical data’. None of it suggests that it’ll affect your Pixel Worlds account in any way, just the data they’ve collected on you while playing.

Edit: I just opted out and my account is still standing, it’s definitely talking about personal data.

banned hackers/scammers players: delete account>password>account deleted>create new account

Its won’t delete your account. Deleting accounts by players is stupid. So if you will get hacked your account will get deleted forever amd you will need to create new one to continue play. Only admins should be able to delete it. But its pointless if they just can perma ban accounts

Why are you on your way to revive the dead threads

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