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I sorry but I just have to say this. It is probably what we are all thinking anyway…but I just hate the fact that every best set winner is basically just “Who can put the most pro stuff on”.

The first best set winner was acutally original and matched the theme Blue. But then the winners started to go downhill, heck we even got another ghost winner. I saw many original and creative sets that I thought were gonna win. But then when ever I see the winner, my expectations were for nothing.

I think Jake and K should atleast make a 2nd and 3rd place. Because I’m just sick of “having the most pro stuff” being the winning factor


I agree with you.
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Agreed …


I doubt that anyone even takes a look at the theme itself. Because it is all about the visuals for the majority of players that are voting.

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I have seen these complaints here, in discord, and in-game.
I think most of you want contest winners to have items bellow 30wls, otherwise you call it “pro”
The people vote, and it’s not always the most expensive set, take for example the contest winner for this week:

  • It fits the theme
  • It looks good

The would not fix the issue you are complaining about

In my opinion, all the winners so far have fit the theme

I actually agree, really only expensive sets have won so far.

Anyway, it’s the player base that chooses the winners, not the admins, adding 2nd and 3rd place wouldn’t fix the problem it would probably only add 2 more expensive sets to the winners.

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I do agree that most Best Set winners have fit the theme, although calling the winning Posh set is quite a far stretch.
However, almost all winners have, sometimes by far, not been the Best sets of the theme.

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Generally expensive items are expensive because they look better.

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I saw a lot better looking set than the winner set while voting:

Not saying it’s cheap, but it’s a lot cheaper than the winner set.

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Here are 3 great set’s I saw that I find better than the Sci-Fi winner:
Good Best Set Entry SciFi
The following 2 are made by my friend PinStroke, so I might have a little bias, but I think they are great sets regardless:
Good Best Set Entry SciFi 2
Good Best Set Entry SciFi 3
(The last screenshot is darker, because it was taken while the game was loading the next 2 sets.)


Yeah, I also agree with you. There should be at least 2nd and 3rd place for sets, or at least honorable mentions.

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factss. they just see lots of colours…oooh pretty

dude you know the first set, I voted for as well. It remind me of that one blue alien girl from star wars and thats very sci fi

I’m not saying that the person dosent have to have a set of over 1pl, as long as its original and fits the theme then I don’t mind. But there exceptions in originality. This weeks winner put some random goggles on top of his galactic helmet which looks so off putting to me.

Also I can’t even remember how the winner for the Posh theme looked like, thats how forgetable they are

Yep, looks better to me than just galactic helmet ontop of pwr armour

I don’t understand players taste on sets


I exactly agree…(20 chars)

Same… Some of the most basic stuff always seems to get voted for, just because it’s expensive.

Remember the Posh theme scandal? Some guy with the Epic pwr set won, probably because a huge part
of the fanbase doesn’t know English

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I’m pretty sure that if your Finnish and you got translations on it will say what posh is in finnish