False ban due to "hacking"

Hey I jolf in pixelworld i got banned permanen and Because of cheating, even though I didn’t cheat and played normally, why wasn’t I immediately unbanned? I’ve already reported that I didn’t cheat, please free my account, Jolf, I’ve been playing for a long time and enjoy it, I haven’t done anything illegal, there’s just chatter like that. It’s just a joke with friends because there are many out there who do this illegal thing but that’s not me, please believe me

My explanation is, it’s not cheating and it’s illegal, it’s just joking and talking about people out there who do it illegally, but it’s not among us who have been playing for a long time. And really enjoy it, please carefully believe that I did not do anything illegal like that. I promise I will not repeat discussing or talking about people who do illegal things.

Forums is not the place to appeal your ban, please make a ban appeal via the support email which is <support@kukouri.com>

I’ll kindly suggest you to read those 2 threads (which are pinned for a reason)

Any futher help needed, message me.

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