Hello and i am Ronen Shalmaev

hello I am Ronen and I want to mod in pixel worlds i have only 83 subscribers on my Youtube chanel but it’s not mean i can’t be a mod
I got a lot of scams and i want to done with is please help me get 10,000 subscribers i want to be part of communt. please i want to done with this my brother got scam hack 200 wls xjp in this time i did nothing
cuz i don’t have any tools so please commander Jake give me the tools so i will ban ppl for this

from Ronen Shalmaev RonenPw is my youtube chanel (:


am i losing my mind?


You have already previously posted this exact thread word for word. Don’t troll thx


No one is giving you mod status if you hit 10,000 subscribers, no one is hiring you as a mod because no one will not understand your english, you must realise getting moderator status isnt something you can get by literally making thread, im not even sure do you deserve 83 subscribers when you are begging for them.

Getting moderator status isnt like: pls i want mod gimme pls.
you don’t even have basic knowledge of english… i don’t understand how 10K subscribes can grant you getting moderator status.

its already my 3rd time explaining almost exact frickin thing to you…
Tip: if you don’t understand what i typed here, use google translate.

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@Ronenpw sorry if this sounds kind of rude but, how old are you? I don’t think forums are for 13-


Since @bulina make memes here mine


I can’t give you mod tools

bruh momento*

Friendly reminder that you need to meet the age requirement for discourse forums @Ronenpw
If you’re below 13 years old, do not use discourse, also, do not lie about age


He claims he’s over 13 but I doubt it…

Efficient method to become a moderator. 100% real, no lie. (Nostalgia hits hard)


Why is your name vaikas your not a child


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??? Wdym

You don’t have to get many subscribers just to get the mod tag.

If you want to be a moderator, you can too! Report illegal worlds and players.

You should know asking then will think your suspecious and they might not consider you now.


Below 13years old forumer: :hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer:

Vaikas is child in lithuanian

Tell me this is a joke.

You can’t become a moderator.
stop giving others hope.

I’m just saying he can just report illegal ppl and a real mod can take care of it.

(Atlest he can help the moderators)

And I’m not supporting his “I will become a mod” thing.

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