I Don't Think Some Forumers Are Above the Age Requirment

ok (20 scared 13 year olds)

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Even if you a 13 years old, if you can you own gmail then verify our account then create an account you not 13 years old no more.

Idk man, I had an email since 11 years old

I’m eating dirt when I was 11 bro, what happened to your childhood?

:popcorn: (20 buckets of popcorn)

How does an eleven year old eat dirt???

What you don’t eat dirt?

Okay so, i had emails since i was like 7 or 8, i use them to this day lol. The verification thing is extremely simple to do, and if you have issues with it just reset it.

WHAT? I don’t even know internet exist until 15 what happending here?

Im just to old maybe fk me

Since I was 11-12 years old I already made great/good effects, you can see this

Well, that was the right thing to do, the internet can sometimes be dangerous, so… being 15 years old and being mature is useful

I think im just to old you know.
Im 21.

You’re 21??? Are you in college?

I wish im in college, because my economy problem I need to work.

Sorry to hear that, college is useless unless you’re determined to actually go there, (probably) take my words with a grain of salt tho

Edit : You do you, since I’m not as experienced/old as you are, I may not know the right answer for this

I mean I dont know how old are you but I think you really need college, Im saving money to go to college.

im glad that college is free in my country :sunglasses:

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When I was like 11-12, I already had alt emails for stuff and verification is easy. This must also be because of generation I guess.
So yeah I can’t really think of a way to pick out kids that are below 13 and I personally don’t think it’s not worth the effort unless we’re flooded with them.

dammit, you! I will move to your country right now!

Even if the person makes not understandable messages doesn’t mean you can confirm he or she is a kid. Actually, kid or not. Unless if he or she uses his or her brains, has responsibilitys and is mature then I accept.

You should check out discord and spot some white name people, some of then are underaged. :smirk:

it is not possible to know anyones age unless they tell you,or unless you already know them. If you are a really good investigator maybe you could just jot down the names you think are under 13+ and investigate