[MEGATHREAD] The details of the Forumer Memorial Project (participants and polls)

As promised, the Forumer Memorial Project is now in motion! The response when I suggested the project seemed to be an outstanding yes, so I figure we’ll go ahead and put things in motion.

I will make one final post when the time comes for the actual event itself, but here I aim to tackle

A) Participants


B) What the majority prefers surrounding the details of the project

Please reply here if you would like to participate.

As a bonus to further interest in this project, I’ve also decided to hold a small contest on who builds the best room. All participants will have a chance to vote for 2 rooms (you can vote for yourself once if you choose to do so). The prizes are as follows:

1st place: Clover Wings
image OR 1 month discord nitro

2nd place: Whatever first place doesn’t choose

3rd place: 10,000 bytes

  • LittleItaly
  • Drakkwyr
  • smile70
  • Kaluub
  • Mat
  • Xeo (a.k.a ExoSoldier)
  • Logan (a.k.a. PaRappa)
  • Bluvox (a.k.a. Sackatizer50)
  • Mustooch (a.k.a. Georges)
  • Bulina
  • Prices
  • Starfire1174
  • Commanderder (a.k.a. TRIGGER MLG)
  • Fazeus
  • SEAF
  • | Blackwight |
  • RetNos
  • Moree
  • Mindaw
  • mrdeath
  • TiberiusZgo
  • Duke
  • Tumppi2
  • Celics
  • Orangehairguy
  • Vaikas
  • BubblySky
  • PirahSet
  • BernardSeller
  • MoosePW
  • Greenwolfe
When should the event take place?
  • Within the next few days
  • Within the next week or two
  • In like a month

0 voters

What time (GMT) should the event take place?
  • GMT-1 through GMT-6
  • GMT-7 through GMT-12
  • GMT+0 through GMT+6
  • GMT+7 through GMT+12

0 voters

What size lock should the rooms be?
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

0 voters

What should the requirements be to participate?
  • Account age 6 months
  • Account age more than 6 months
  • Account age less than 6 months
  • Base the requirements off of activity level
  • No requirements at all

0 voters

Should the event take place multiple times in 24 hours?
  • Yes! To accommodate opposite timezones.
  • No! You snooze, you lose.

0 voters

Should the contest winners be shown in a trophy room by spawn?
  • Yes. That would be a cool addition to the world.
  • No. Rather not.

0 voters

I would like to join, perhaps contact me on Discord if you want to talk about it or anything

Sounds interesting, count me in.

I would like to participate if it is gonna be at weekend or on friday.

I’m definetly in.

I, Duke C. Cornelius VII, will accept the challenge. (I’m in)

I’m in!

I’m in (I’m Celics not in)

But you joined the forums yesterday…

I’d like to participate.

I would like to participate.


I will join in as well, do let me know in Discord.

sorry i just lost my old account. anyways i will participate in future :frowning: