"QUEERS" an LGBTQ+ world

Welcome to QUEERS!
This is a world meant to be a place for LGBTQ+ pixelians to hang out and gather, as well as teach others about the LGBTQ+ community and what it means.
This world isn’t too detailed at the moment, but it’s enough that I’m opening it to public, some come on and check it out if you want!


  • Hanging out
  • Portals, PWE, and other useful things
  • Info on what LGBTQ+ is
  • LGBTQ+ terms and meanings
  • Supporter room
  • Portal room that links to other supportive worlds

There should be more to come in the future! Also, if you want to link your world, send me a message here on the forums, we can discuss opening a portal to your world if it’s an LGBTQ+ supportive world.


Is this world finished?
At the time of writing this thread, no. It’s finished enough to open up, but I may add more things in the near future.

I’m not a member of LGBTQ+, can I still go here?
Of course! It doesn’t matter if you’re not LGBTQ+, as long as you respect others for who they are, then you’re welcome here any time.

I want a portal to my world here. What can I do?
Just message me on these forums asking about it. Tell me what your world name is and if it supports LGBTQ+.
I’ll check it out and add it if it’s good to go! You can also optionally (but preferably) link a portal back to QUEERS too if you want.

Isn’t “Queer” a bad word? It’s censored in-game!
Queer used to be used as a slur against those in LGBTQ+, but now it’s meant as a general term for people who are LGBTQ+, in a positive way!
“Gay” and “Homo” are likely censored in-game because people use those words in a rude way against each other.
(Although for some reason, Lesbian is also censored, but that’s not used as a rude word like people use gay.)

This isn’t appropriate for children.
It is inappropriate to talk about “adult topics”, which is why I don’t use any of those kinds of terms in this world, however it’s not inappropriate for people to learn about LGBTQ+ and be better educated. A boy dating a boy is as appropriate and acceptable as a boy dating a girl.

Being gay/trans is wrong!
You can have your opinions, but we don’t accept people who have toxic mindsets in this world, however I invite you to come and better educate yourself if you have it in you to reconsider your views. If not, I thank you for coming to read, but you can kindly leave.

Thanks for reading/visiting! I’ll be updating the world and possibly this thread too now and again.

Please do your research properly before replying!


that will be wholesome to people gendering lgbt as a sign of respect. but dont you think ppl will harass the lgbt ppl if they know their gender?


Yeah unfortunately there will always be haters, but I would try my best to make that world a good place for LGBTQ+ and allies to hang out in though.


if the moderation bot [discord suggestion] will exist then im sure everyone is safe. its really cool that your building a world reserving them.


Never though that there will be a world based on LGBTQ+ in Pixel Worlds.

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fun fact: the word “gay” is cencored in the game for some reason.

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I think that might be because people use “gay” as a curse word (which it isn’t)
For example “dude stop being gay that’s not cool” or something.
Although “lesbian” is also censored in-game, but that’s not used like gay is.

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(20 characters oh yeah heck yeah)

Thank you so much for making a safe space in game for players to hangout. And for others to learn.
I always wanted to make a world similar but never seem to have the time. I will for sure visit this world frequently.


Bringing Up My Post

I like this part of the world


The vast space high above the sky sure is a sight to behold, especially with the northern lights shimmering above

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Homophobic kids use it as an insult even though it’s 2021


I wouldn’t say homophobic. More like uneducated in the subject.

I don’t know what one’s sexuality has to do with a 2D videogame, or why we should even discuss about it here.

To end the term ‘gay’ being used as an insult would need traveling back in time, then rewriting the Bible, Quran and almost every other religious script.

Cool world, with a good purpose, that’s my opinion.

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Yes, it is homophobia. A derogatory/descriminatory term. I’ve seen enough nasty homophobes in PW and on the internet.


Just because uneducated children use the word “gay” as an insult, doesn’t make them so called “homophobes”. And those who do use the word “gay” as an insult towards gay people, are mainly little children who don’t know much about how things work. Only a marginal amount of those who use the word “gay” as an insult towards gay people are actual “homophobes”.

I would also like to know, what your definition on a homophobe is. Is it a person who tries to insult another person with the term “gay” ? Or is it someone purposefully hating gay people for what they are? Or is it little children, who use it despite knowing what it means?

Just like some prepubescent children saying “B****” to someone doesn’t make them woman haters.

That isn’t even what the B word signifies and the fact that you automatically associate that word with a woman shows your character.

People use the word as an insult mostly because it’s a derogatory term. It’s not that hard to grasp. I don’t know where the heck you’re even getting your statistics from or even know what homophobe means, but people use it as an insult because they usually dislike gay people or want to offend other people who also dislike gay people, or think something wrong with being gay (which there isn’t)


What would you do in order to change it, if that seems to be the issue, and you were in control then?

The B word means a female dog.

You know full well nobody uses that term as “female dog” and you also know full well that words have multiple meanings that change colloquially over time

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LGBTQ+ still consists of 2 genders you moron