Should scamming be legal?

Ok so before I get backlashed I don’t necessarily think scamming should be legal, i’m just presenting arguements and I’m curios about your answers.
So should scamming be legal? So first of all for arguements against scamming, obviously it ruins the had work of people and it also ruins friendships, it makes the community more toxic and it will decrease the number of players playing the game. On the other hand, it discourages people to think for themselves and act mature, people should always think, “Is he trying to scam me?”. it causes spam on the company’s email and they’re not at fault you got scammed, and because it’s not allowed to scam players act really immaturely when they do get scammed. Also if it was allowed to scam, you would always think if the player before you is trying to scam you, therefore you would know to avoid scams and detect them, but if it was against the rules like now players wouldn’t think like that. Well that’s all the arguements I can think of, I guess I see why scamming isn’t allowed but it would be cool if the game was more anarchy based, this way the economy would feel way more real. Well what do you think? Are you against scamming or think it should be legal, or legal to some extent?

I don’t think the game is supposed to be a deep philosophical commentary on free-thinking, but rather an addicting microtransaction-filled mess.

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I mean like
Scamming is definitely not supposed to be legal, anyone who attempts it should be punished (And it being legal would mean no scammer would get the punishment they deserve)

Can’t people already do that while scamming is illegal? And about the email part it’s kind of apart of their job to deal with scammers right?
As seen in

  • If you have been SCAMMED in any way, we cannot give you new items. We will ban scammers if there is enough proof.

Those are my thoughts


Yeah that’s fair, the game is aimed towards children, and being scammed sucks so they would go look for a different game.

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Well take for example games with complete anarchy, for example the hit indie game “Minecraft” has a server called “2B2T”, and there are no rules within it. This inturn makes everyone suspect the other all the time and therefore less people get scammed. This effect is called “The Cobra Effect”. Here’s a part from Wikipedia about it: “The British government, concerned about the number of venomous cobrras, offered a bounty reward for every dead cobra. Initially, this was a successful strategy; large numbers of snakes were killed for the reward. Eventually, however, enterprising people began to breed cobras for the income. When the government became aware of this, the reward program was scrapped. When cobra breeders set their now-worthless snakes free, the wild cobra population further increased”. So less people might get scammed and therefore less work with emails about people getting scammed. In the start a large number of people will get scammed but after awhille the rates will be lower than ever.



I guess the pros of it is less work for the mods and maybe less scamming, since people will know its legal and will protect their items, or maybe it backfires and is the complete opposite.

Scamming is one of the lowest and most inhumane things you can do in this game. You trick people into giving you items or straight up steal them. If someone isn’t able to read social cues as much, or someone is new to the game and doesn’t know all the tips and tricks, they have even higher chances of falling victim to this. I definitely disagree that it should be allowed. It only brings out the worst in people and encourages that type of behaviour, which should not happen in the game, and also outside of it, for that matter.

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Man did smth and tries to make it legal before they find out :confused:


Continuing the discussion from Should scamming be legal?:
Yeah new players are gonna be prone to scamming no matter what and making it legal will make this more common. But lowest and inhumane things you can do in this game? Stealing a bunch of items is way less worse than bullying someone for example, and at the end of the day it’s just a game, not that I encourage any of these behaviors. And yeah it brings out the worst out of people, but that’s because when there are no rules and no consequences, people wear off their masks and show who they really are. Lol this got deep real quick.

I wish, suggestions in the forums is like talking to walls.

i laughed so much to this


Alright then, my idea to deconstruct prisons to free the land to build new theme parks isn’t that dumb now, is it?

My concern with making scamming legal is the same thing what happen when p2p was legal. When that was made legal p2p was everywhere. Basically this could making scamming more common than it is now since you can do it without any consequences. Which will make this game turn into Growtopia even more, as in that game there are so many scammers. Pixel worlds is already heading in the direction Growtopia is.


Oh my god I think I had an entire discussion about a similar topic, wait.

My man want anarchy more than anything.

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even then that’s been up for a long time. Almost 12 years! Players who play that game know what they’re doing, because almost all the players are 25 years or older. Pixel Worlds has kids that are 12 and younger and if scamming is allowed, well the children will think it’s allowed in the real world, and use their scamming skills there.

Drop game irl be like :anguished: