Starting off

Hey everyone, I’d like some help starting off in this game. What should I do first? I already have like 4 world locks from trading clothes and stuff but I’d like to get more and perhaps start a farm. Are there any guides or suggestions you may have? Thank you.

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I want to make one, but i cant be bothered.

Anyways, go get a pick and just grind level 1 mine
Get like 1.3k bc and buy a basic pickaxe
mine level 2
get 7.5k bc
buy heavy pickaxe
mine level 3
get 25k bc
buy master pickaxe
get 69k bc ( you can find lower, 69 is just such a godly number)
buy epic pickaxe
mine level 4

Start flexing on people (jk)

Ok here is one you can do that gets you a pl within a week

sell everything and blow all the bytes on growtop-

Welcome @H00T !

As someone who was a new player, I understand how frustating it is to not know how to start.

Therefore, I would suggest you to look for YouTube tutorials and PW Wiki.

You can also ask us here to assist you with any questions you have.

Another option is to look into this guide. This guide will help you choose which job you prefer in the game. This guide was made by me.

Best of luck!

The most important question is how in the world did you trade things for world locks, which are untradeable?

World trading is magic.

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Haha, I made this account way back in 2016 and sort of started off for a little bit but never managed to start farming or anything like that. When I logged back in today, the game was very different and all I know is I have 4 world locks from trading stuff.

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Hey man! I read your guide, part one and two, and I think that fishing may be a good fit for me. I don’t believe I could afford a fishing set but I’m not starting from the ground as I have around 4 world locks and 4,000 gems. I will buy a rod and see how it goes, thank you.

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You can’t trade world locks anymore. I would highly suggest you sell them to the bytecoin vendor, or place them in worlds and sell them.

I would not suggest you start fishing for now, as 1000 bytecoins (4 world locks) is simply not enough. The cheapest upgraded rod(bamboo fine) still costs a good 900-1000 byte coins.
For me, since you don’t have that much right now, i would suggest for you to mine until you get around 20 world locks(5000 bytecoins) before you start fishing. Fishing with a basic rod is useless.

Mining provides more profit than fishing, and way quicker too.
level 1 mine takes about 30 seconds to complete with a basic pickaxe(1300-1500 byte coins) for 30 nuggets per run.
thats about 4 mines per 150 bytecoins (3/5 of wl) compared to about 10 minutes per world lock with a bamboo superior.

If you decide to mine however, i highly suggest to get the basic as soon as possible.

you should exchange your world locks for bytecoin in pwe section (in pixelstation) immadietly because right now you get 250 bytes for 1 world lock, after september 1st, when new update comes out it goes back to 219 bytes for world lock.

Okay then, sounds good I’ll try to look for a mining guide and get to that.

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I wish you the best! Good Luck!

You can also consider what Desti said above.

Mining is your best bet to earn money early, but I didn’t continue mining.

Profiting is not what I am focusing on, I am focusing on chilling and relaxing after hard work throughout the day in real life.

Mining makes me sweat and requires me to focus on the screen meanwhile fishing does not.

Check these out!


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If u are gonna fish, i highly suggest to get 10k bc for a good fishing set before you start

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