Do you have a fav post or thread on the pw forums?

Well d’you have one?
I personally dont really remember that many, but well one comes to my mind randomly every few weeks, dunno why though…
So well, I cant remember the circumstances but I remember that Kaluub posted something about discord, he had a problem there, but instead of helping ppl just started making fun of him and posted memes because he used discord light mode.

Well… when i was clearing my unread list, i noticed this cool suggestion that @Shawn made to add a easter egg related to Metal Gear Solid

Kinda funny that it’s in the game and is a nice Easter Egg


I forgot most of the posts but I remember this thing


I remember that too…

Times when i were pvpenderman…

I am happy those times are over hehe

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That thread of mine which turned into arguing and Jake then threatened to lock the thread… It’s fun to rewatch that discussion

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Created a lot of amazing world sized Pixel Arts ever since.


All made with the image to pw blocks tool?

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I have that photo if you’d like

I hadn’t laughed like that in a long time.


Osukus jus me or sus…

I’m so glad that you liked my creation!

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I remember this from so long ago, did they ever add anything like this to the game?