[🔒] Easy way to stop dropgame

4 years that we heard about “Dropgames are illegal”
Im not a game développer but I want to be one in the future.
But I think we could make a easy program to stop dropgame.
Make that we can’t drop on world locked by another players.
1st of all they are some people doing dropgame like I was talking about and they want to you to drop, but with this program all the player except the owner and the player with right can’t drop item soo the owner can’t scamm because there is no way he can pick the item from the player inventory (except hack)
2nd I see some people drop item like soil per one in a world just to annoy owner (Not a lot) and with this program they won’t be able to do this again
3rd Why not?

Like I said the only one who can drop in a world locked by a player is by having right or being the owner himself.

And you can’t drop in the area that is locked by a another player but you can drop in the area owned by you or that is public (But be careful)

If you want to say why is this a bad idea then explain it I want your opinion about this idea.

Ok firstly look at these 3 topics like yours

People gave countless reasons why this would not work on those three topics we do not need another one


Or we could just spread and enforce the rule that playing and participating in them is illegal, that we should report and leave, and to get more mods like we’re supposed to do


I’m against this, and I’m becoming tired of seeing the exact same carbon copy arguments.

Getting scammed by a drop game, should even hardly be considered a scam. There’s no manipulation or tricks. It’s straight out asking people to ‘drop’ for no reason. The only hook of why it’s called a scam is because the victim is promised something that’s never going to be the case. That’s all.

Everyone with the slightest skepticism or functioning logic can detect the red flag from miles away even if they are completely new.

“Why should I drop my precious XXX if I want to get that YYY? If the host is hosting a giveaway, why does it require us to drop our XXX? What’s the point?”

Ask yourself those questions, and it’s clear as day that something is not right, and unless you’re willing to be the guinea pig to see whether this is a scam or not, you don’t do what they demand you to do.

Lastly, even in the game rules it’s explicitly stated that drop game and anything alike are bunch of scam attempts. The fact that they can’t read basic English means perhaps they should not even be playing this game. Otherwise, it’s ignorance that hits them in the nail. I don’t ever feel pity for drop game scam victims. It’s literally on themselves.

To avoid any other types of new scams, there are two VERY SIMPLE great ways that filter out 99% of all of them (including ones to come) unless it involves some sort of hacking (rarely happens):

  1. If something is too good to be true, it probably is.
  2. If someone ask you to do something odd and seemingly pointless, it is mostly an attempt to get something out of you.

I didn’t mean to delete the drop functionality I mean I want to edit it like I said.
I don’t want to delete the drop functionality because there is a lot of people that still want it I guess?
2nd I got to the start that people don’t know the game and will be scam really easily by dropgame.
Also a major part of the dropgame are scam
Some of these who are rare will be without scamming.
I said dropgame is scam because I thinked of a big part not a small part I might be sorry to not say it properly

I agree with you Append we see always the same arguments (you explained why you don’t want to edit the drop functionality very well) but how could we arguments better.
These are the most used one and people will understand them.

There has been a suggestion and thread like this already and that’s what we meant.
No one also said that you said something about removing drop feature

Append actually explained how drop games should be so obvious already. Neoslayer then suggests that they should just enforce and spread the rules more than. These 2 can be connected in a sense. I’m not so sure that you actually understood their arguments as your reason doesn’t make much sense based on what they say. Append didn’t say anything about drop game in a smaller part, he/she just says that people SHOULD know that those are scams.

Anyway, since there has been a suggestion(s) like this already, and i advise you to read them, along with what people said in those threads.

Oh so you guys just want that some players know dropgame then get scammed by this game and then do dropgame and scam a new player again?
That’s a Infinity circle.
It’s been 4 years that we Try to stop dropgame.
And everytime we have a good idea you guys say that we just need to know the rules.
But who read the rules?
Yeah nobody except people who are maybe interested
Soo why make people understand something that they don’t look.
Soo if you guys just want to stop dropgame JUST FIND A BETTER IDEA THAN JUST BEING AGAINST THE GOOD IDEA.

Because you do.

So whose fault is that going to be?

Let me tell you something: it’s not someone else’s responsibility to know the rules and to go out of their ways to protect someone who is completely ignorant and does not want to be protected. You are responsible for your own items.

True. We do need more moderators. It’s insane to expect a team of 6 to manage every single rule breaker in the game. I doubt they even manage to go through 50% of reported cases.


And who gived the items?
From somebody you scammed
From the game himself?
And why is there soo many scammer.
Because this game is boring and farming is annoying and p2w.
If the dev want to make the game with less scammer try to figure out to make a good game f2w and not p2w.
AS always they do. Every update that can be good is made worse than expected and that’s how pixel world is not famous enough.

Well if you don’t like the game why are you even here

They are fools if they try to do the same. Also, the people who participated in a drop game would learn about what would happen and what they would lose.

They don’t stop drop game. Rather, they stop DROP GAMES. So technically they don’t stop the process itself but drop game situations.

This is idiocracy. First of all, you don’t even need to read the rules to see that something’s wrong with drop games.
Second, if you say smth about new players, then that could easily be solved by spreading more awareness or warnings about scams.

Yes, we are finding a better idea/alternative, that’s why we disagree with this.

Because we are humans. It’s not like that only happens in this game, it happens alot more irl so why ask that question in a game.

It doesn’t say anywhere near the game’s description about smth like “Farming and profiting game!” No one told you to focus on profiting.

You can pay thousands of dollars yet someone will still be richer than you.
And this is an MMORPG, how the heck do you even win in one? The only concept of winning here is achieving something for yourself or others, which seems like you haven’t ever done.

Changing topic lol

If you can’t even understand/reply to our arguments, then your argument too is meaningless.


Think before you make a topic. this has been made before. You can’t just copy someone’s thread…

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Not copying if he didn’t see it
Problem is he won’t actually check it


You can stop drop games by being smart enough not play them


Easy way: report and leave the world. :+1:


Everyone makes mistakes then, let’s just forgive @Foulorator.

Thanks for suggesting but you should check the threads before posting a topic.