First Ever, Forums Giveaway! Hosted by Artling

Hey everyone!

Since the forums have just opened, I plan to host a small giveaway. I understand that everyone is trying to get used with the newly designed forums, so I will keep everything simple. Christmas is coming, so this will count as a small Christmas gift to the winners.

The only requirements you will need is:

  • YOUR World with a Donation Box.

1st Winner - Golden Wings + 10 World Locks.
2nd Winner - 25 World Locks.
3rd Winner - 15 World Locks.
Compensation to the one’s who didn’t get a chance to win - 1 World Lock.

How do I win?

  • The only thing you have to do to participate in this giveaway is to tell us YOUR story and thoughts about the game. How did Pixel Worlds impact your life? What was your most favorite update and what was your least favorite update THIS year? Explain. Lastly, What are you hoping for in Pixel Worlds next year, 2021? (It can be anything!) Also, don’t forget to put in your WORLD NAME!

One paragraph should suffice and grammar shouldn’t really matter. (However, a longer paragraph about your story and thoughts about the game will increase your chance in winning)

That is all, I can’t wait to hear your stories and interesting thoughts about the game. Winners will be revealed IN the forums. GOOD LUCK!

Winners will be announced in the forums in December 16, 2020. Rewards will be given in on that day or the next day December 16-17, 2020.


Joined in mid 2017. Over time, found some amazing friends and a great community I’ve been a part of. Been to the old forums, migrated to the new ones, talked on the Discord server and in general have had positive experiences while playing. As for my favorite update this year, it’s probably going to be the Jet Race update since it added something nice to do daily. My least favorite would be the ancient times booster update, mostly because I dislike booster updates in general. As for something I’d want next year, probably an expansion to Clans to make them even more prominent, if that makes sense.

Also, as a side note, nice to see you back on the forums! I remember you from the old forums, it’s good to see people returning to these newer forums. Have a nice day!


G’day, my world name is PANDA and my IGN is God_of_Pandas.

I joined the game April 2017, and the forums October 2017. I was pretty active on the forums since I didn’t have Instagram or anything back then. My favorite memory from the old forums would probably be when I was 1 of the winners of the Superhero Origin Story Contest. My least favorite update this year… uhh probably mining update 2 I guess, the dark stone items were pretty expensive but the wheel was alright, idk. My favorite update this year would be Halloween, I got pretty lucky and got 2 legendarys. In 2021 I’m hoping for a few features being… notes on your friend list, panda set and familiar, and for more lore development. Good luck everyone!

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I joined the game 2017 mid summer. I found a lot of amazing friends in this game and probably this is the most accepting community I have been apart of. I found literally all of my best friends because of this game and that means a lot to me. So favorite update this year probably has to be mining It’s just such a nice update It brought a whole new farming way and It’s enjoyable. Least favorite update is 100% the faction battles update It had so many possibilites and the idea was good but the exectuion was really bad. In 2021 I’m still hoping for a wolf mask that changes your skin grey, I know we just got a winter fox mask but that’s not really a wolf.

World: FURRY


Well, I joined Pixel Worlds, along with the original forums in 2017. Back then, I hated the game, for being similar to Growtopia…

2019 rolled around, and I was starting to get sick of Growtopia, and the way it was being handled by Ubisoft, from the monetisation, to the lack of respect for their community, and the community itself.

This lead to me quitting the game, I trashed all of my untradeable items, and anything valuable, I gave away to the community.

Because I no longer played Growtopia, I started to look for a new game to sink some time into, and I remembered Pixel Worlds. At the time, I hated the thought of turning to the game, but I did so anyway, and I really started to love it. From there, I remembered the forums existed, so I started to get involved there too.

Since the original forums got closed, I’ve just been waiting for this one to surface, and it finally has, which takes us to today.

Moving onto the events, this year, the Summer event was my favourite. I played the game a lot, due to being in lockdown, and I made a ton of friends, smashing ice cream carts and hanging out with mates, it was a really fun time. It’s probably also tied with the St. Patrick’s update, as I had a similar experience with that too. My least favourite update of this year however, would have to be the pets update. They require far too much care, and I’m pretty inconsistent at signing in, which made it difficult to care for them, although I wanted to make the most of the update.

In 2021, I’m hoping for lots of cool quality-of-life updates, along with a crossbreeding update, bringing tons of affordable, but aesthetically nice blocks into the game. I also want to see the new forums flourish, and become a great place for the community.

Finally, the impact the game has had on my life. I’ve made some pretty good friends through Pixel Worlds, and it has helped me stay entertained after college, along with pulling me through lockdown, as I said previously. Jake, and several Pixel Worlds creators have also given me many hours of great content to watch.



My heart stops every time I see this douche

I started off playing pixels worlds when I was going through a very rough time in my life I was a freshman in high school just turned 16 years old or maybe i was 15 I can’t really remember it was a long time ago, and I was going through a lot of hardship with my family my brothers had moved out because my mom had issues with drugs and I was neglected and abused and I wasn’t taken care of properly and I used pixel worlds as a coping method to escape the sad reality that I used to live in. Pixel Worlds gave me the opportunity to be whoever I wanted to be inside of a community, I met new friends over the internet, I made mistakes, I made enemies, I learned life lessons that I will never forget. I had my rises and my falls of fame and fortune and mishap throughout the game. Goals that I tirelessly worked towards no matter how many times I was set back or failed. After all of this time with the community I am still here now an adult living on my own with new everyday struggles and challenges to overcome and Pixel Worlds is right here with me. I remember a time in 2017 when I was taken from my family because my mother had gotten arrested I was lost and depressed and didn’t know what to do. Wierd enough to say I had virtual friends who were there for me and gave me advice and shared their own stories with me and helped me and motivated me to keep pushing forward. Most of these friends have quit and the few that are still around are my best friends. I even left the game for a while to join the United States Marine Corps “The World’s Finest Fighting Force” i achieved this goal and earned my title United States Marine, and I will forever hold this, my dreams to fulfill a military career were shortly ended when I was blown up by an IED (improvised explosive device) known otherwise as a roadside bomb. I had injured my back and needed to be medically separated from the military. When I had come home I struggled and didn’t know what to do with myself, I decided to download the game again and sure enough my friends were there for me to support me along the way.
I am forever grateful for the people I met and the friends I have made in this game. I will happily continue to play this game until its end. - Snipey


Hello i downloaded pixel worlds in 2017 and it was fun lol


Joined pixel worlds back in 2018 but played just for a bit (maybe like a week or less)
didn’t knew how to make friends in it at the time so i quitted
few days ago me and few friends of mine decided to play it again so i created new account
haven’t experienced who knows what
but im having fun so far
i think this time ill play it for longer doe

World: CDino

i don’t have dbox yet but ill try getting one or being active on the giveaway day

PS: Im also looking for friends so hmu

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damn not even gonna include me ok

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I started Pixel Worlds really early, started on the game via an APK because I was just so intrigued by everything I’ve seen so far on their Instagram. I had lots of fun figuring things out, best memories of Pixel Worlds were those days when everyone with BBB tiles were considered the pros :rofl:.

Favorite update is probably the netherworld, the first PvE experience in-game got me a bit hooked, and my least favorite was probably the Cinco de mayo stuff, we barely got much added within those events besides the piñatas and sombreros which were sort of cool, although minor features.

By next year, I’m hoping Pixel Worlds stays intuitive to new players, and doesn’t storm off in a direction that only affects the people that are already rich. As soon as the game gets convoluted like similar games have, I feel it’ll break the charm-- and I love this game, and hope nothing for the best.


My main world name is TYLER.


It was around February 2020 when I went back to this game. I initially tried this game when it was named after something else. At that time, the game was brand new, and there were lots of things lacking. It was also only available on mobile, and considering that I was not, and am not, a mobile game type of guy, I deleted it. Fast forward a couple years later, after about more than a year quitting Growtopia, I wanted to try playing some sort of MMO game, one that is similar to Growtopia. Going back to Growtopia, I was met with 90% of the players being economy-driven to the point that you couldn’t even call it a social game and was just a “how to be rich” simulator.

Trying Pixel Worlds with skepticism, the community was actually very great and friendly. Granted, I did not beg for free stuff, instead trying to ask people for the tips in the game. It didn’t take long for someone to actually help me and even accommodate me some starting money. It was unheard of. I wasn’t expecting that. That actually sparked my interest to continue playing so high as the community was not entirely money-worshipping players.

Regarding the favorite update, I can’t say much as I just got into this game relatively recent. But I love ByteCoins so much. Thank you for actually introducing proper in-game currency instead of having to pretend something to be the money just because the color is yellow.

I am primarily hoping for people to realize that virtual money holds $0 in valuation. Don’t enslave yourself to be the richest stacking wealth only to quit after you have thousands of World Locks. If you do quit, and trust me it has happened to many people, it’s pretty much you working hard for hundreds of hours for literally nothing. Try to see a new side of the game; be creative. The game is actually a lot more than a money-making simulator.



(there is a donation box there)

I joined PW in early 2017, I played mostly on my phone, with my cousin. We woulkd meet up and play. He doesn’t play regulary anymore, just when I ask him to.:slight_smile: In 2018 he got A LOT better than me, so started farming nether a lot, so I can be better then him, at one point I was about to quit PW, because my cousin stopped palying, and I didn’t had motivation too play the game. But I still couldn’t leave my favorite game, so I didn’t stop playing. But one day I got really bored, so I started playing CS:GO and stopped playing PW completely.

Until one day in late 2018, around christmas time, I had a sleepover at my cousin’s house, and we remebered how fun it was to paly, so we played PW ALL NIGHT LONG. After that sleepover I downloaded the game on my PC.

After that I had a lot of pauses, but I would always come back. Now I have everything I need, everything that I would want - I would know how much time would I need to spend on it farming/fishing and etc. I still play PW on my PC almost everyday. I love this game and it will always be in my mind, when I’am sad/bored.

I have friends in this game, that I don’t want to leave them, and I enjoy this game so so much, I don’t think I could ever leave it :slight_smile:

I got scammed many times - if we would calculate how much it would be around 9-10 platinum locks. But I don’t care about it. I just liek the game even though iam not rich at all.

Good luck everyone! It was nice sharing my PW story here!:slight_smile: Have a great day!

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First time I ever heard about Pixel Worlds was back in late November 2016 when I was watching Growtopia videos about a newly discovered game called Portal Worlds. I wanted to try out the game immediately but unfortunately, it wasn’t available in my country. I started playing Pixel Worlds on the 31st of January 2017. I rarely played it though and I quit the game about half a year later. Meanwhile I was always playing growtopia, growtopia was my life.

But 2 years later I got suspended from growtopia. I was playing growtopia for 5 years and got suspended. I was extremely sad. I couldn’t believe what had happened. And that one message I couldn’t get out of my head that said “You aren’t welcome in growtopia”. That was awful. I was very addicted to playing growtopia. I was forced to move on to pixel worlds. That’s the closest I can get to playing growtopia again. Playing pixel worlds was not that interesting at first, but after a few months it started to get fun. I started to notice that pixel worlds had way more possibilities than growtopia.

This story is weird so let me explain it a bit (otherwise the story would have too many brackets).

After the disappointment of realizing pixel worlds wasn’t available in my country I didn’t actually check on the play store every day to see if it finally got released.

The message “You aren’t welcome in growtopia” was emailed to me after I asked why I got suspended.

I had a ridiculous attachment to growtopia and I really don’t know why. But that is a big part of my childhood.

Why did I get suspended in the first place? I violated growtopia rules by continuing playing after getting banned.

Now, my thoughts.

My most favourite update this year was the mining update, I don’t have any particular reason, it’s just a fun way to make profit. The worst update this year? I guess halloween, it was a normal update though, but other updates this year topped it.

In 2021 I’m looking forward to a messaging system, so you can message anyone.

Wow. Didn’t expect to write this much…

But anyways, good luck everyone!


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Didn’t post everything I wanted to say there. So here is more!

My favorite update this year was probably the flying mounts one, even though I don’t play it often, I still like it a lot, the mounts are a bit overpowered in my opinion, cause after some time lots of people will get the mounts, and it has infinity flying. But I still like the new items, the new jet race minigame so I would think this one in 2020 is my favorite.

My least fave update this year is probably the black tower, I don’t know why, just didn’t win anything great - only a brain hat, that is a part of my set. I like the black tower a lot, but I didn’t get anything good over these years, all though - spent like 100k gems. But I really couldn’t say an update that I didn’t like in 2020.

In 2021 in PW I’am really hoping that the army update will come, cause it looks REALLY cool, and as always I’am waiting for the summer update, because they are really fun to me.

So I think that is all, I wish luck to everyone, cause a lot of the times I represent by losing a lot of things:D (it would be a magical gift to win something in the christmas time:0)

Enough talking, good luck everyone and merry upcoming christmas guys!

Thank you @Artling for hosting this huge giveaway, best wishes to you man. STAY SAFE GUYS!


ign: Gutz0

world with donate box: OLEMO

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Joined this year 2020 Summer, but let’s start from the ACTUAL beginning of my Story. I was being very busy last years playing IO games based on Mining farming and High end long games for, (not existing anymore), (fav one). Anyways i been playing those alot but sadly the Devs sold game and it died.But once i met a person called “Tales”. Tales shown me the game Pixelworlds and i wasnt really motivated to play it cause i installed and uninstalled 2 Hours later.I couldn’t figure out how to profit. 2Weeks later after Exams i joined back and started profiting with fishing very well. I still remember how i bought my Blue Brief and Top. And my Dream item back then the STEAM HAT. It cost me 4000 Bc and i was really proud after having it. Anyways Summer event began and i decided to join the cool team of TEAMHAMMER wrote an application and got accepted. Am currently minor and admin at the discord server. And was grinding fishing all day. When mining came out i got my gems for the tower and actually got the DIM sold it to get my current set which u can see at my PFP.

What i think of the game?
-Good Devs which listen to the Community
-Good updates but sometimes Bugs
-Traders are Toxic
-Scammers are naughty and the most giveaways are fake.
-Anyways alot of Parts of the community are cool for example the old teamhammer team!

world name:XXSNORLAXXX

Stay safe, have a nice and cozy christmas.

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IGN : NitrosReturn

Pixel worlds has been a great part of my life, i started the game originally in may 2017 (on my birthday as well lol) my first account was called Nitropro and i played with it for about a year. On this account i had decided to quit because i wasnt very good at the game because i had 1pl in total and i kept losing wls because i didnt know the prices of items (i was 10-11 at this time which is why i was so bad).

A year later i decided to come back to the game in 2018 around june, I decided to start off fresh with a new account called NitrosReturn (my current account). However, this time i was better at the game and played often, i had started fishing and currently I would value my total worth at around 20pl or more. I have taken a few breaks in-between but currently ive been active daily for the past 3 months!

This game impacted my life a fair amount as i play it often and enjoy it! I have made great friends and also has taught me to be more careful around people online (i was scammed 1pl).

my favorite update this year has to be the Jetrace, i absolutely love it! Its really fun to play and its something different from farming, fishing, nether and mining.
My least favorite this year was the ancient times update because i think it didnt add much and was just a filler before the mining update.

Lastly, what i hope to see in pixel worlds is more minigame / fun centered updates that is not about building blocks / cosmetics or more farming methods. i think that would bring alot more fun things to do and also maybe let players make their own mini-games or like netherword and jet race like how Dev mentioned in the Christmas calendar interview.


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i just randomly found the game and got it and went a whole year without a wl since i didnt care about trading at all, yes pure luck made me find the game

Bruh I thought you’ve been playing way longer

Reminder: Make sure you have a world with a Donation Box in it to participate in the giveaway. :slight_smile:

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