Do polls on here actually matter?

We CLEARLY VOTED against untradable WLs on here, while it was almost a tie, “don’t make untradable” won.


And yet the devs still have to proceed doing that, and making the economy unstable for a while.

well no they don’t matter but the devs won’t change their mind because 60 forumers voted on some poll out of the 10,000 people player base.

i think it’s just opinions in general that don’t matter. on their instagram post asking people about making wls untradeable, a majority of players said no yet again, but look at the results…

if i were to quit this game, it wouldn’t be because of a bad update, it would be because of the developers rarely listening to the community.

i know i make this point time and time again but it amazes me how many people blatantly ignore this issue.


It’s optional, I usually use it to see the majority of people voting on the poll I made.

Do polls on here actually matter?
  • Yes
  • No

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Lol everyone went with no. Which is true tbh we even made many points for them to clear but they Remain unanswered till now. Anyways let’s just see what happens. Hope for the best.

Before answering to this question we must think what forum polls are.

They are polls of the active forum members, most likely veteran players of our community. Is it a representation of our whole community? Well… no. Is it a representation of our veteran player community. Well… yes!

Do the veteran players decide where we develop the game? No they don’t BUT their opinion matters!
We have been talking in the live streams a lot about this and a lot of people who first were against this changed their minds after hearing the reasoning and what this actually means.

Are the stream viewers a representation of our veteran community then? 100% yes! So by following that logic we can assume that even veteran players won’t be against this in the end after realizing what this change actually means and how this will help the game in the long run.

We are always going to do the changes the game needs and we look at the game as a whole. Even if some players won’t like it. We also do not make decisions out of the blue. We have done our research, investigations and planning for this to happen. This was the original plan from the day Byte coins were released years ago.

I will make a video where I will reply to your comments and questions. There also will be more live streams where you can come to talk to me about this.


Actually the active player count for Pixel Worlds is in the hundreds of thousands so 60 people in a poll is not much :wink:

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If you are saying that we do not listen I recommend for you to join our live streams once in a while for example :wink: Your opinion might change.


imagine if a famous streamer raids when you stream, would be pretty epic

True. I don’t respond to all of the messages in the chat, but I do read about 70% of them. There I have to choose the questions that are the most important and answer to those. Saying that in this regard I have not asked questions, talked about this possibility, given my arguments and listened to the community is not true though. :wink:
Yes a lot of players have said that they don’t like the idea but still I have not heard a single good reason why not to do this. People fear change but that’s not a good reason why we should not make the game better.

If you have a good reason why we should not make the game easier to understand for new players, add more space to your inventories, make trading faster, reduce the amount of scams and online wl traders, make it easier for us to hunt down real money traders and make a more stable currency then please let me know :wink:

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Oh, I’m not necessarily against untradable world locks, no. I’m talking about player’s opinions regarding the game in general. I’m sure someone here who is against byte being the main currency could give you some reasons, but that unfortunately does not include me.

When was the last time you made a poll on your livestream? Or rewatched a stream to re-read chat? Less than an hour is spent talking to the community, and half of that time is you not listening to other people’s ideas, but arguing as to why your opinion is correct. Ever heard of compromising?

A community manager is supposed to engage with the community. You’re only on discord or forums when there’s a problem you can no longer ignore. In comparison to the Among Us community manager who is contactable almost 24/7 on Twitter and always posting game updates and responding to criticism, this game’s PR is pathetic.

It’s been months without an update. When one finally comes it’s going to be a card game nobody requested. Then you’re packing your bags and taking a month off… what happens then? The community is just irrelevant for an entire month? You need to up your performance. I genuinely believe I could do your job (at least the community management area) better than you.


Hello Mr.Jake, nice to see you here! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You should visit and talk more often! :call_me_hand:

There are various threads about improving the game, also votes. Mr.Jake and others should see them.

Three of them is making a new coin that represents some Byte Coins. Currently We only have cents(BC) but not Dollars(Megabytes,etc.), I also suggested adding commas and dots.

Would you mind checking those? I would appreciate a reply as well. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I really love your job, I love this game’s community. But, I would really be happy if you are more active here.

Thank you Mr.Jake. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Wow ok :smiley:
Well first: I always rewatch the streams for the chat. Always.
I am always on discord. I just don’t always comment and there is a very big reason for it. If I comment the whole chat goes crazy and no one can talk about anything anymore.
True - I am not on the forums so much. It is the smallest of our social medias. I much rather watch your youtube videos, watch your instagram posts and read your comments in our social media because that’s how I see the more. My job is to know and engage with our community as a whole. Not only to engage a small portion of it. That’s the reason for live streams and youtube as well. I always read each and every youtube comments that we get. I don’t of course respond to them because otherwise I could do nothing else. If I would only repond to people in twitter and discord like Among us community manager does then I could do it as well but we just cannot do that. Maybe they get a lot less comments that we get? I don’t know. Also Pixel Worlds is a lot more complicated game than among us. :sweat_smile:

True it has been months without an update. Sometimes it takes longer to do updates.
We also don’t 100% of the time do what community requests. We do the updates that we think would be the best for the game. :grin:

I have seen these suggestions. :wink:

We need more interaction from all the devs, not just Jake. Really spending a few seconds to make a comment to show you’re acknowledging us (especially the veterans) makes a huge difference.

I mean look at the forums they’re basically a wasteland of ideas spoonfed and thrown down the drain


I very much agree with @Neoslayer .

Indeed. If work is too hard for any of the devs, they should be having people who can, at the very least, get all the recent information or news given to the devs in a digestible manner.

Same applies to the mods… They’re being overworked because they’re barely online, and all we’ve gotten was ionas in a year (when we need 20 new mods) and the discord is run by a Tyrant who abuses power and I have nobody to report it to.

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Byrne is right, my opinion won’t change. The streams are just you ignoring the important questions and focusing on questions irrelevant to the health of the game. I don’t care for new booster items not appearing in pwe, I don’t care about the type of coffee you drink; I care about the real problems in the game - such as the rise of scammers, illegal traders, p2p, and big changes such as untradeable wls - but these are never really addressed in streams or any platform for that matter.

I’ve also said so many times before that I will 100% support the developers if I feel they have acknowledged the community concerns as a whole but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it. P2P is still my go to example, but untradeable wls is definitely going to be added to the list.


Sir, I am a new person who joined the forum a few days ago.

But I have never seen forum moderators and administrators talk with us.

I love this community that I even joined the forum, but, I am really disappointed of lack relation and interaction here.